For the fastest service, please call us at 888-494-9460 during business hours. Otherwise, please tell us about the issue(s) by filling out the form below. A service call fee of $60 will be required.


Heater: registers- disposable filters - grills - heat lamps.
Plumbing: angle stop and gate ball valves -  toilet replacement with like kind and quality up to $400 per occurrence - interior hose bibs - shower heads - shower arms - faucets (replaced with chrome builder standard when necessary).
Air Conditioner: Freon recovery, recapture and recharge, filters - window units - registers.
Refrigerator (with purchase of coverage): Freon recovery, recapture and recharge - ice maker.  In cases where parts are not available, our obligation is limited to cash in lieu based on replacement cost of the ice maker.
Dishwasher: rollers - baskets - racks - dials - door seals - hinges.
Water Heater: failures due to sediment.
Electrical: attic fans.
Trash Compactor: key assemblies - locks - removable bucket.
Garage Door Opener: springs - hinges - remote transmitter - keypad.
Oven/Range Cooktop: racks - clocks - rotisseries - knobs - dials - handles - interior lining.
Built in Microwave Oven: interior lining - shelves – clock